The very first label from the 1960s

The tradition of the Petit family dates back to the 19th century. Around the year 1850, Mr. Goulard, who was Jacques Petit’s great grandfather, worked as a weaver among the vineyards of the Cognac region.


After taking advice from his cousin who worked in the distillery at Hennessy, he went on to build his very own distillery. He then began to produce the prestigious liquor known as Cognac.


The vineyard withstood the test of time and survived both the good and the bad: wars, difficult harvests, and crises such as mildew and phylloxera.


Old & New Alambic 


In 1921 when my grandmother married Albert Petit, the property officially became part of the Petit family name. 


In 1965, my father, André Petit decided to terminate his contract with Hennessy and began selling his own bottled products. To this day the house remains fully independent. Vineyard work, distillation technique, design, product selection, sales, and so much more, are entirely managed by myself.

My passion for Cognac runs deep, and I make every attempt to produce Cognacs that I like to drink, and which hopefully procure good moments for those who taste them.

Jacques Petit